Team Workhouse


Who are We?


Because of leaps in technology, historians are able to use websites as a way to archive and demonstrate the humanities in new and exciting ways.   The field of study known as the digital humanities have been making leaps and bounds when it comes to creating a myriad content that people can choose from, such as blogs, simulations, 3D models, academic virtual reality, games, etc.

Team Workhouse strives to create content that is not only accessible to outside audiences and students, but also puts an emphasis on   History from Below.     History from below  means that we take a bottom up approach to history. Instead of focusing on the rich lords and ladies who were well off and very well documented, we focus on the everyday and the disenfranchised who are just as important historically, and argueably more so. One can tell a lot about a society based on how they treat their poor. This idea is glaringly obvious when one looks at how English workhouses viewed poverty, which is what we are focusing on in this site.