Accuracy within parameters

What makes a video game historically accurate? The question is simple but the answer is not as simple. Like finding the integral of certain inverse functions, the answer can only be obtained when the question is restricted within certain parameters. The parameters of relevance to this question would be the sequence of events that happen in the game relative to the actual historical archives, causes and effects of the game characters’ actions, and many more as stated by Jeremy McCall. I believe it would be unfair if we considered a video game to be historically inaccurate if it doesn’t entail exactly what the historical records say. The characters in games are fictionalized and given options to eliminate a possible monotony in the game. Also, it makes the concepts of causes and effects much more visible in this way. These game builders do a good job with helping us visualize the past by showing us the kind of equipment used, clothes worn, language and mode of communication used in the past. I believe that once a video game meant to represent a part of history has the general concept of what happened right, the setting, and general appearance of everything right, it should be considered historically accurate.