In the 18th century workhouses, many tools allowed for paupers to create, repair, and go about their daily lives. Awl’s provided just that. It was a tool that gave paupers to build or repair clothing and various other items. These would typically be found in tool shops, alongside

In the context of a museum, it would be useful to have visitors use awl’s to create something simple that paupers might have used them for. It would be a great hands-on, interactive experience for visitors of all ages. Some simple examples might be making holes for shoelaces, holes for buttons on a blouse, or holes on a belt.

A digital implantation of this tool could be used in an interface where users can use a set of materials to fabricate clothing or items using the awl alongside other tools, to virtually create or repair an item. This way users can get a glimpse into the labor that it would have taken in order to fabricate or repair items.

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