Digital Embodiments

Attempting to recreate the experience of individuals can be very difficult. For example, Dangerous Embodiments, an attempt at capturing experiences of different individuals accomplished very little. As I wandered through the virtual world, I kept expecting for something to be different as I changed my avatar, yet nothing did. It almost felt as though I was trying to force myself to feel a certain way when choosing different avatars. It felt as though I was trying to force myself to get into the mentality of being my chosen avatar.

As we played around with MakeHuman I recognized how difficult it is to create characters that accurately embody the mission of a game. The level of detail to which I could configure the players infringed upon my ability to accurately represent the players to the extent I would like. As a creator, it is important that the game communicates what was intended to be communicated, which is something that I felt Dangerous Embodiments lacks.

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